CBU Currency of 18.12.2018   USD = 8325.59
  EUR = 9413.74
  RUB = 124.7

Weather in Tashkent


We offer exhibitors a full range of services for the successful participation at the exhibitionы:

  • providing the necessary number of invitation tickets by prior arrangement;
  • development and installation of stands for an individual design;
  • placing information about the company in the exhibition catalogue;
  • the possibility of advertising in the exhibition catalogue;
  • the possibility of holding seminars, presentations, press conferences, round tables and using equipped conference rooms;
  • services in additional promotion during the exhibition: promoters, distribution of promotional materials, placing flags and posters in the exhibition area, etc.;
  • the hiring of temporary staff to work on the stands;
  • translation and interpretation services;
  • stands guard at night;
  • handling and storage services;
  • free parking;
  • analytical report of the exhibition (statistics, the visitors' structure, program of exhibition events).


Exhibition PR

All our exhibitions are accompanied by the exhibition PR:

  • provision of exhibitors’ press releases to journalists accredited for the press conference of the exhibition;
  • arranging of interviews during the exhibition;
  • posting of comments on the exhibition website;
  • exhibitors’ feedbacks in the final articles of the business and industry publications.


Exhibition Advertising

Our exhibitions are accompanied by targeted advertising campaigns to attract the target audience of visitors

  • advertising in the business press and publications;
  • direct mail invitations;
  • information and advertising materials on radio, TV (cable TV, national and regional channels);
  • advertising banners for a month in the central districts of Tashkent city;
  • advertising in the subway;
  • an advertising campaign on the Internet;
  • TV reports from the exhibitions.