The 11th International exhibition
“UzTechTransExpo – Special equipment, transport and logistics services”

The exhibition «UzTechTransExpo» is aimed to attract the leading international and domestic companies working in the field of production and supply of special equipment, transport technologies and logistics services. The event is one of the leading positions among the largest trading platforms of Uzbekistan according to the topics.

The project is focused on professionals and demonstrates the full range of industry solutions - all areas of the industry on one platform.

The event will promote the development of transport infrastructure, improve logistics, attraction of innovations and investments, and also growth of volume of supply of high-quality equipment and technology in the Central Asian region.


Official and organizational support of the international exhibition:

  • Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and Mineral Resources
  • SJC «Uzavtoyul»
  • Mayor’s Office of Tashkent city
  • General Directorate of Fire Safety of MIA of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Association for development of business logistics


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Project Manager:

Olga Sokolnikova

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The Canadian company Bombardier is interested in entering the Uzbek market. This was stated by the director for contracts of the company Martin Herman.

According to “Takhlilnoma” program of TV channel “Uzbekistan 24”, the company is ready to assist Uzbekistan in purchasing aircraft on preferential credit terms.

Martin Herman noted that the Export Development Agency of Canada can provide loans for a period of 12 years to cover 85% of the purchase amount. “It is possible to interact within leasing packages,” he added.

The representative of Bombardier said that the company is also ready to consider the issue of the organization of production of individual spare parts in Uzbekistan.

“We plan to present our products in the near future and discuss the directions of cooperation,” Martin Herman added.


Starting from 22 March, 2018, a railway communication was launched on the route “Tashkent - Bishkek - Rybache – Tashkent”.

According to Uzbekistan Temir Yollari, the train will be operated weekly on Thursdays with departure at 20:50 from Tashkent Central Station.

Back to Tashkent the train leaves on Saturday at 1:59 and arrives at 5:30 on Sunday. The journey time is 25 hours 39 minutes.

The train, designed for 300 passengers, includes a first class car, 5 coupe cars, 2 reserved seat and dining cars.


The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree, which is aimed at simplifying the procedures for transit through the territory of Uzbekistan, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Trade said.

The draft document was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

According to the document, from 1 March, Uzbekistan abolishes procedure for issuing a permit by the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan to transit transportation of excisable products by road and rail transport.

The document also abolished procedure for carriers to deposit security payment in accounts of the customs authorities of Uzbekistan for transit of alcohol and tobacco products through the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

“These changes will greatly simplify the procedures for transit through the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and will serve as an impetus to further increase the volume of transportation,” the Minister of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan Jamshid Khodzhaev commented.


Officials of Uzbekistan Temir Yollari and Georgian Railway discussed development of cooperation in Tbilisi on 22-23 February 2018, the press service of the Uzbek company said.

During the talks, the sides informed about ongoing projects, aimed at further development, modernization, reconstruction and construction of new sections of the railways, as well as measures to increase traffic, create favorable conditions for shippers and ensure safety of train traffic.

The head of the Georgian delegation, the deputy director of Georgian Railway Alexey Nikolaishvili informed about the new route "Baku-Tbilisi-Kars", which works in a test mode for container transportation. The parties noted that upon completion of the test regime they will take measures to attract cargo flows to this route.

The head of the delegation of Uzbekistan Temir Yollari, deputy chairman of the board Akmal Kamalov informed about creation of a new multimodal transport and logistics center "Andijan" and all the conditions for transporting goods using this center to China and back.

In turn, the management of Georgian Railway expressed interest in using this transport logistics center.

Following the results of the meeting, in order to further develop cooperation in the field of railway transport, efficient use of international transport corridors and increase in the volume of transit cargo, an agreement was reached on granting by the Georgian party tariff preference of 50 per cent to the current base rates for 2018 for all types of transport of foreign trade goods of the Republic Uzbekistan (export, import and transit) and in addition to them a 10 percent discount on transportation of dry cargo.


Transportation of cargoes via the new transport corridor "Tashkent-Andijan-Osh-Irkeshtam-Kashgar" begins. This was announced during a briefing in Tashkent.

Products of exporters of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries will be delivered to consignees by vehicles of Silk Road International LLC.

Upon arrival at the final delivery point, the city of Kashgar, the vehicles will depart on the return route already with imported products.

The new "Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan-China" automobile corridor was initiated by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his State visit to the People’s Republic of China in May 2017, during which an intergovernmental agreement was signed on international road transport between the two states.

"Realization of this project gives an opportunity to auto carriers to carry out regular cargo transportation through the territories of three countries," said Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade Sahib Saifnazarov in his speech. "This will have a positive effect on the volumes of mutual trade turnover and will allow us to fully utilize the existing transit potential of Uzbekistan, China and Kyrgyzstan."

As part of the implementation of this agreement, a pilot car rally on the route "Tashkent - Andijan - Osh - Irkeshtam - Kashgar" was organized from 30 October to 3 November 2017, with the participation of vehicles from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. The distance totaling 920 kilometers was overcome in 31 hours, of which 16 hours passed in motion.

The average speed of the convoy was about 50-60 km / h. The time of the Uzbek-Kyrgyz border "Dustlik" took about 1.5 hours, the Kyrgyz-Chinese border "Irkeshtam" about 2 hours.

The road passing through the urban settlement of Sary-Tash and the Irkeshtam pass in Kyrgyzstan (at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters above sea level) is the shortest automobile route from the Ferghana Valley of Uzbekistan to China.

"In general, this route showed that the road surface along the entire route, that is, through the territory of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China, meets the established standards for the movement of mainline cargo vehicles," said Shoalim Shavahabov, deputy head of UzAART.

At the end of January 2018, all organizational and technical issues related to the opening of regular road transport of goods along the route "Tashkent - Andijan - Osh - Irkeshtam - Kashgar" were agreed between Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China.

To date, the Uzbek Agency for Road and River Transport (UzAART) has prepared and sent to the Chinese and Kyrgyz sides forms of transportation permits (500 each).

Also on 5 February, the joint venture Silk Road International LLC was established to organize the transportation of export-import cargoes along the new transport corridor Tashkent-Andijan-Osh-Irkeshtam-Kashgar.

Currently, the company has 80 trucks and plans to increase their number up to 200 units by the end of 2018. In perspective, based on the volume of cargo transportation, the number of vehicles involved will increase.

It is expected that over 100,000 tonnes of export-import cargoes will be transported via new route by the end of 2018.

Currently, there are applications for the transport of foreign trade goods for 27 thousand tonnes for three months in advance. These are products of the textile, leather and agricultural industries, as well as imported products of the electrical engineering industry, engineering, etc.

As Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade Sahib Saifnazarov noted: "Great interest in the new route is primarily connected with the minimum terms of delivery of goods. If the cargo was shipped from Uzbekistan to China in 8-10 days according to the earlier acting corridor, then it takes only 2 days via the new route. Along with this, if necessary, an urgent cargo can be delivered within 24 hours. "

In addition, the cost of transportation is an important factor. So, the developed flexible transparent system of tariffs for transportation of containers and modular cargoes allows to save from US$300 to US $500 for delivery of each consignment, which as a whole allows to reduce expenses by about US$2.5 million per year and will undoubtedly affect the cost of production and its competitiveness.

To create additional conveniences for consignors and consignees of the republic, a multimodal transport and logistics center has been created in Andijan region on the basis of the terminal of the station "Akhtachi", allowing cargo to be transported from all corners of Uzbekistan to Andijan by rail and then to China by road.

The above measures serve as a basis for further cooperation of the countries of the region, including activation of the construction of the new Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan-China railway, which will create new transcontinental corridors "China-Central Asia-Caucasus-Europe" and "China-Central Asia-Afghanistan – Iran”. They will be shorter in comparison with the existing corridors for almost 1000 km.

In addition, the indicated route shows interest not only to domestic producers, but also to Afghan partners in the transportation of goods by rail from Mazar-i-Sharif to Andijan and further to China. With the construction of the new Mazar-i-Sharif-Herat railway (Trans-Afghan corridor), the transcontinental transport corridor "China-Central Asia-South Asia-Middle East" will be completed.




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Uzbekistan Temir Yollari (Uzbekistan Railways) completed the electrification of the railway section of Karshi-Termez.

As part of the project, the company electrified 325 km of the railway. The project cost was US$327.6 million.

The Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided a loan of US$ 160 million for the implementation of this project. Uzbekistan Temir Yollari directed US$167.4 million of its own funds to the project.

The project will reduce costs for passenger and freight transportation by more than a third. It will also increase the speed of movement and the capacity of the railway.