The 11th International Exhibition
“UzMetalMashExpo – Metallurgy and Metal Processing. Machine-tool construction, Welding.”

The participation of international and domestic companies in the exhibition «Metallurgy and Metal Processing. Machine-tool construction, Welding» will undoubtedly promote the development of trade and economic cooperation and strengthen business relations, will establish cooperation in the field of scientific research and application of new technologies, establishing joint ventures and production.

Official support of the international exhibition:

  • Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and Mineral Resources
  • State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan jn roads
  • Mayor’s office of the City of Tashkent
  • General Board of Fire Safety of MIA of the Republic of Uzbekistan


National Exhibition Complex “UzExpoCenter”, Pavilion №1

Project Manager:

Мадина Шерматова

Тел.: (+998-71) 238-59-82

Факс: (+998-71) 238-94-68

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  • The first two days entrance to the exhibition only for professionals in the industry.
  • If You are a professional in the industry on the profile of the exhibition, You can download Your personal electronic invitation card. To enter the exhibition You have to print it out, fill in these fields on the ticket and present the operator in the registration area of the exhibition. In exchange for an electronic ticket You will receive a visitor’s badge, entitling the daily visits to the exhibition.
  • Also You can register at the entrance to the exhibition. After completing the registration form, You will be given a visitor’s badge.


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On 18 December 2017, the President of Uzbekistan signed a resolution “On measures for procurement of scrap metal, production and consumption of rolled ferrous metals for 2018”.

According to the resolution, starting from 2018, rolled ferrous metals produced by Uzmetkombinat are allocated (supplied) exclusively through exchange trades, including those for which supplies were previously provided under direct contracts and fixed prices.

The document underlined that the volume of rolled ferrous metals, which were not sold at the exchange trades, are subject to re-bidding for exchange trades within a month and only after that can be exported under direct contracts.

The head of Uzbekistan has forbidden khokimiyats to set tasks for preparation and delivery of scrap, ferrous scrap to educational and medical institutions.

Physically and morally obsolete equipment and metal structures, written off during bankruptcy, liquidation, reconstruction and modernization, must be handed over to Uzmetkombinat as scrap and waste at a free (contractual) price.

Metallurgical raw materials (HS codes 2619, 7203, 7204, 7207), imported by business entities to Uzbekistan for production of ferrous metals, are exempt from customs payments (except for customs clearance fees) till 1 January 2019.



The Russian company MetProm will develop a project to upgrade production capacity of Uzbek Metallurgical Plant JSC (Uzmetkombinat) with the cost of almost US$550 million.

RIA Novosti agency reported quoting the representative of Uzmetkombinat, till the end of September 2017, Uzbekistan will receive the project for consideration.

The agency noted that Uzbekistan and MetProm will continue negotiations on further stage of cooperation following the results of the project development.

The project will be implemented in two phases in 2017-2020. The project envisages construction of two steelmaking (800,000 and 1.12 million tonnes) and two steel processing furnaces. A casting and rolling complex (1.07 million tonnes) will also be built.

The project will allow the plant to increase production of rolled metal by 2.1 times compared to 2016 - up to 1.5 million tonnes by 2020 and up to 2.5 million tons by 2022 due to the development of new types of hot rolled products.

It is expected that the project will be financed through loans and loans, as well as foreign direct investment.


Uzbekistan will import 50,000 tonnes of rolled ferrous metals in 2917. President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures to satisfy additional demand of Uzbekistan for rolling ferrous metals and metallurgical raw materials".

According to the document, Uzbekistan will import 50,000 tonnes of rolled ferrous metals in 2017 under contracts with manufacturing plants or their official dealers (distributors) without conducting tenders.

Uzbekistan Temir Yollari will import rolled ferrous metals. Imported products will be directed to construction of affordable habitation in Uzbekistan, metro line, and ring railway, etc.

Uzmetkombinat will purchase raw materials for production of 20,000 tonnes of rolled ferrous metals.

Uzbek leader granted customs and tax benefits to some companies till 1 January 2019.



Russia’s Uralmashzavod (UZTM) plans to sign a contract for supply of mining equipment with the Navoi Mining and Smelting Combine (NGMK), the press service of UZTM said.

According to the Russian company, NGMK plans to purchase an excavator ECG-5A.

Mikhail Gunitsev, director of the mining equipment division of Uralmashzavod, told Nakanee.RU that this year NGMK will receive two five-cube excavators. The delivery is scheduled for June and November, he said.

Russian company is planning to supply ECG-5A excavators in 2018. The cost of the ECG-5A excavator reaches 70 million rubles. The price of the serial ECG-18, which may also be supplied to Uzbek miners, is about 460 million rubles.

In May, IZ- KARTEKS also signed contracts for supply of 37 excavators ECG-8US, ECG-10 and ECG-15 to Uzbekugol, NGMK and AGMK. Since 2010, the company has supplied to Uzbekistan more than 40 machines.