The 12th International exhibition for healthcare

The UzMedExpo exhibition is a demonstration of achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Producer companies and distributors of the medical and dental equipment, pharmaceutical products, clinic will be able to provide the products and services to thousands of professional visitors from various regions of the Republic.


Official support:

  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • JSC «Uzpharmsanoat»
  • JSC «Dori-Darmon»
  • Association of Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies and Producers Representatives in the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Mayor’s office of Tashkent City



National Exhibition Complex «UzExpoCenter», Pavilion № 3.

Project Manager:

Sabina Abdullaeva

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Active investment policy in the past year resulted in the implementation of 164 projects worth 5.2 bln USD and the creation of 5329 new jobs. 9 projects were implemented in the oil and gas industry, 20 in non-ferrous metallurgy, 5 in the electricity sector, 3 in mechanical engineering, 13 in electrical engineering, 17 in light industry, and 94 projects in other sectors, according to the report of the Ministry of economy.

Among major investment projects, it is worth to note the "Expansion of Talimarjan TPP with the construction of two combined-cycle plants with a capacity of 450 MW", "construction on the Angren TPP power unit of 130-150 MW district heating selection for burning high-ash coal", "Expansion of cement plant in Jizzakh region", "Construction of new smelting furnace at copper smelting plant", "Organization of serial production of passenger cars of model "T-250" at JSC "GM Uzbekistan", "Construction of new electrified railway Angren-PAP", "Upgrading and unification of the fleet NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" (delivery of two aircraft Boeing-787)", "Organization of spinning production at LLC "Indorama Kokand textile" (IV stage)" and "Organization of spinning production in Andijan region, Buloqboshi district at LLC "Fanteks", etc.

In order to improve the effectiveness of monitoring the implementation of strategically important investment projects, timely decision-making to ensure quality and successful implementation of investment projects, the Ministry of economy together with the Information and Communications' Ministry developed and implemented Automated information system "Monitoring".

At the same time, a Monitoring procedure has been approved and established in order to monitor the implementation of the adopted programs, as well as to raise the responsibility of heads of ministries, departments and economic associations, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

This procedure allows revealing shortcomings within projects' implementation, and making corresponding notes regarding their solution.


President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev familiarized with a project on creation of new pharmaceutical plant, which will produce import-replacing products for US$3.5-4 million and export goods for US$3.8 million a year.

Uzbekistan determined development of pharmaceutical industry as priority direction for next several years. The enterprises of the industry should saturate internal market with competitive and affordable medicaments.

One of large pharmaceutical plants – MemGilan – will be constructed in Khorezm region. The plant will produce ready pharmaceutical goods. The founders of the company will direct 4 billion soums of own resources and attracted a loan of National Bank of Uzbekistan for 25 billion soums to construction of the plant.

It is planned that the plant will be launched in the second quarter of 2018. It will be one of the largest pharmaceutical enterprises of Uzbekistan and produce large assortment of goods. Overall, the enterprise will manufacture 4.026 million package of ampoules of 33 names a year.

The pharmaceutical plant will also produce 12.12 million units of infusion solutions of 38 names a year. The tablet and capsule medicaments production line will produce 5.028 million packages of medicaments a year.


The draft decree of the President of Uzbekistan “On creation of pharmaceutical industrial zones “Boysun-farm”, “Bostonlik-farm”, “Zaamin-farm” and “Syrdarya-farm” was published at the single portal of interactive state services for discussion.

According to the decree, Pharmaceutical industrial zone “Baysun-farm” will be created in Boysun district of Surkhandarya region.

The Government plans to create pharmaceutical industrial zone “Bostonlik-farm” in Bostanlik district of Tashkent region.

Pharmaceutical industrial zone “Zaamin-farm” will be created in Zaaming district of Jizzakh region and pharmaceutical industrial zone “Syrdarya-farm” – in Syrdarya district of Syrdarya region.

Main tasks of the FIZs are attracting direct foreign and local investments to create modern production capacities on production of pharmaceutical goods and medical goods with high added value based on substances and herbal medicines.

FIZs also should ensure complex and efficient use of production and resource potential of Surkhandarya, Tashkent, Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions.

Creation of new modern processing, storage, packaging, deep processing of herbals, production of pharmaceutical and medical products are also among main tasks of these zones.

FIZs will deepen localization of production of pharmaceutical products on the base of local plants and materials on the base of establishing close cooperation relations and development of industrial cooperation between enterprises of Uzbekistan.

According to the draft decree, the FIZs will function for 30 years, but the term can be prolonged. Special tax and customs preferences will act during operation of FIZs “Boysun-farm”, “Bostonlik-farm”, “Zaamin-farm” and “Syrdarya-farm”.

The participants of the FIZs “Boysun-farm”, “Bostonlik-farm”, “Zaamin-farm” and “Syrdarya-farm” will be exempted from land tax, income tax, property tax of legal entities, tax for improving and developing social infrastructure, single tax payment for small enterprises, as well as mandatory payments to Republican Road Fund, etc.

They are also exempted from customs payments for imported equipment, raw materials, spare parts, construction materials, which are not produced in Uzbekistan and imported to realize the projects.

The participants can receive these preferences for three years, if they invest from US$300,000 to US$1 million. The preferences will be provided for five years if the volume of investments is between from US$1 million to US$5 million.

The investors will receive the preferences for seven years if the volume of investments is between US$5 million to US$10 million. The preferences will be provided for ten years if the volume of investments exceeds US$10 million.


Ministry of Healthcare of Uzbekistan approved a new list of medicaments and medical products, which are mandatory for all drugstores.

The list was approved by the decree of the Ministry of Healthcare “On approval the list of medicaments and medical products, mandatory for all drugstores”.

The list includes 70 names of medicaments and six names of products of medical purpose. The decree was registered on 6 December 2016. The document will come into force from 13 March 2017.



Exhibition Hours

The exhibitions are open from 10.00 to 17.00. Admittance of visitors stops 30 minutes before the closing of the exhibitions.

In first and second day the exhibitions are open for professionals only.

Students are invited to third day of the exhibitions.


Exhibition program

The full program of events taking place within the framework of exhibitions is published on the page of each exhibition.


Admittance to conferences and seminars

If additional events are specified in the program of exhibitions, the entry to conferences and workshops free of charge - upon advance request.

In order to provide freight forwarding and customs services for the delivery of your goods at the exhibitions, you can apply to the accredited customs brokers and freigh carriers:


«UzNEC» – cargo transportation and customs clearance:

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Manager – Ivan

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Manager – Bakhrom

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Manager of progects – Marius Karuzas


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JSC National Expo Company «UzExpoCenter»:

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Sanofi Uzbekistan in cooperation with Uzpharmsanoat at support of Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade of Uzbekistan started to realize joint projects on localization of production of medicaments in Uzbekistan.

Within the first phase of the project, it is planned to launch production of flu vaccine. In future, French company plans to localize other medicaments against chronic cardiovascular and endocrine systems, as well as the gastrointestinal tract.

The project is initiated within the memorandum of understanding, signed at the six session of intergovernmental commission on trade-economic cooperation between Uzbekistan and France. The memorandum includes issues of expanding trade-economic, investment, financial and technical cooperation.

Chairperson of Uzpharmsanoat Mirzanozim Dusmuratov said Uzpharmsanoat and Sanofi launched local production of medicaments at BIO VAKTSINALAR. The production premises passed quality audit of Sanofi. The enterprise launched production of Vaksigrip, which is a vaccine against flu.

Gulnara Holmatova, head of Sanofi in Uzbekistan, said that within the memorandum, Sanofi is ready to share its expertise and experience in sphere of vaccination and medical treatment, as well as provide access to the best European medicaments on affordable prices. She said that organization of localized production in Uzbekistan to satisfy local demand, Sanofi demonstrated importance of the country and positions itself as privileged partner for a long time.

Normunds Zemvaldis, director of division of Sanofi Pasteur for Central Asia and Belarus, said that the company plans to expand portfolio of vaccines, produced in Uzbekistan, not only flu vaccines.



National Exhibition Complex «UzExpoCentre»

107, Amir Temur str., Tashkent city, 100084, Republic of Uzbekistan