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In Uzbekistan, will establish the production of a wide range of diagnostic test systems.

American US Incorporated company plans to implement in Uzbekistan a project to create a wide range of diagnostic test systems, informs.

According to a source in the Ministry of Health, the project with a total cost of order $ 10 million will be implemented in two phases in the period from 2018 to 2019. The first stage envisages the organization of an innovative molecular diagnostic laboratory, the second one is the creation of a unified information base for all patients of the country.

"American technology will allow us to investigate not only human biomaterials but also soil and water samples, it is planned to produce bioreagents for it in Uzbekistan, and it will also provide services for studying a wide range of animal diseases," the representative of the American company said.

Diagnostic systems, the production of which will be established in the republic, will allow to determine various diseases at an early stage, and, consequently, to increase the effectiveness of treatment. The American side, according to the source, also intends to organize the production of medical equipment in Uzbekistan, part of which is planned to be exported.

In the near future, the parties intend to proceed with the practical implementation of the project and the establishment of a joint venture on the territory of the republic.

Source: Uzbekistan Today -