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Agency for Development of Pharmaceutical Industry created in Uzbekistan.

Agency for Development of Pharmaceutical Industry under the Ministry of Health is created in Uzbekistan. At the same time, the concern Uzfarmsanoat is liquidated.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures for cardinal improvement of pharmaceutical industry management system”.

In the decree, the head of state underlined a number of systemic shortcomings in pharmaceutical sector. Domestic industry enterprises are not able to meet the need of population for high-quality and competitive pharmaceutical products.

Of the total number of enterprises, which are part of the Uzfarmsanoat, 19% do not function, in 30% of production is limited to packaging and labeling of finished products.

The decree said that currently total number of names of raw materials, imported for production of medicines, 23.4% is finished goods.

The share of original medicines registered by the enterprises of Uzfarmsanoat is only 1.3%, the document underlined.

According to the decree of the President, the Agency for Development of Pharmaceutical Industry under the Ministry of Health is created in Uzbekistan. At the same time, Shavkat Mirziyoyev liquidated Uzfarmsanoat.

The President of Uzbekistan entrusted the Agency to develop and implement a strategy for sustainable development of pharmaceutical industry, including through implementation of public-private partnerships.

The Agency will coordinate the activities of pharmaceutical enterprises and organizations in implementing programs to provide the population and public health institutions with medicines, medical devices and medical equipment.

The new agency will carry out state registration and certification of medicines, medical products and medical equipment, including those imported from abroad, to certify pharmaceutical enterprises for compliance with international good manufacturing practice rules.

The President handed over the State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment of the Ministry of Health, the Uzbek Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the Tashkent Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums, and the Scientific Research Institute Eastern Medicine to the agency.

According to the document, the state enterprise O‘zmedeksport of the Ministry of Health was renamed into the state unitary enterprise O‘zmedimpeks. The head of Uzbekistan transferred O‘zmedimpeks to the Agency.

At the same time, O‘zmedimpeks is defined as a single supplier of socially significant medicines and medical products. It will also be an agent for their storage, processing and delivery

The document said that the Ministry of Health will set fixed prices for medicines and medical products included in the list of socially significant medicines and medical products.

Particular attention in the Decree is paid to the issue of improving the registration procedure, pricing for medicines and medical products, introducing a clear definition of the concept of “in bulk” products in the legislation, as well as the procedure for fixing fixed prices for socially important medicines and medical products.